Who am I, then?

My name is George Chlapoutakis. I’m a 36y.o SysAdmin-cum-Network Security-cum-Digital Forensics-cum-Network Security-cum-SysAdmin_NetSec_DF_DevOps combo (I actually practice all of them in my current role) Researcher, Investigator, Developer & Consultant.

I am the owner of the SecurityBible Networks (the .org Organisation),  ex-part-time contracted Lecturer in Digital Forensics, Network Security & Computing in the University of Teesside, ex-Linux Engineer, ex-Bare_Metal_SysAdmin and currently (and for the forseeable future) am working as a Level 3 Mid-range Unix/Linux Systems Administrator in Newcastle, North East England.

Obviously the views herein are my own and in no way represent the company I’m working for, and possibly the rest of humanity.

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