New thoughts for a new start of a new journey


Yes, I decided to taking another shot at blogging, after basically more than 5 years of not writing anything for anything.

I’ve been through a lot, over the last 5+ years. From PhD Research Student/Academic & DF guy (in Greece) to Penetration Tester, to Linux Engineer, to System Administrator, to Live Services Specialist (which, amusingly, is basically a System Administrator in a DevOps-heavy environment).  A journey that took me from one side of the UK (Sunderland) to the other (London) and back (Stanley, Durham).

I’ve also weathered perhaps the most silly, pointless and downright daft economic depression of my generation, and that over two countries (Greek, remember?). And, believe me, it was hell in oh-so-many-different ways!!

And now, I’m back where I started my journey, back in the North East of the UK, working in a job that’s actually quite fulfilling, teaching me loads of stuff, and allowing me to play with an insane (trully!) amount of tech!! Its not what I initially set out to do, true. But its both the sum total of all my past jobs, and more than that. Yeah, an FTSE100 multinational company does that to a person, exposes them to tech that most SMEs would wish in their fondest dreams. And, while I do still struggle (truth be told) to get used to the transition, I am having quite some fun! And, equally importantly, I have cool, learned and knowledgeable colleagues to go with the new job!! As I said, fun!!!

So, what’s in store for this blog? When I first set out to play at being a blogger, I envisioned it having only netsec and digital forensics posts. Not anymore, not by a long shot.

It will have NetSec and DF treatises and rants, but it will also contain bits and pieces of a hell of a lot more, from mini-reviews (read: rants) of tech I’m playing with, to thoughts on a variety of matters NetSec/DevOps/Coding/SysAdmin I ran across, and still do in my present job, even to thoughts of life/politics/vaping (yes, I’ve quit smoking almost 2 years ago, since I started vaping (4 years ago)). 1-2 recipes may even find their way here, who knows? Because I plan on having shitloads of fun with this blog from now on!

So, when should you expect to see new things from me here? I’ll aim for once a week (Sunday most likely), but hopefully I’ll get back into it full swing so hopefully you’ll get far more frequent updates. 🙂


Until then, I bid you good night and may your journey to work tomorrow be pleasant! 🙂

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