Adventures in Arch Linux Land

A few friends have forever been trying to get me to change distros, namely to anything but Xubuntu which has been my mainstay for the last 4-5 years (prefferably Arch). I’ve played a bit with Debian and its Kali Linux spin-off (which no offense, OffensiveSecurity, IS actually a viable (and pretty decent) primary-desktop distro!).

Yes, for a while I did change to Kali Linux, mostly to try out some CUDA password cracking with pyrit etc., but the distro (tools aside) felt a bit flimsy a spin-off after a week of heavy use, although I do understand this is their 1st version.

Another mate (you know who you are, hehehe) has been getting me to start using Gentoo again. His reasons were very sound and very good but, tbh, the prospect of waiting around for portage to compile stuff after a 13 hour (commute+work+commute) day is more than I can bear at the moment, even more so having to re-compile stuff when updating the system or when fixing stuff.

While all this has been going on, one of my colleagues also told me about Arch and strongly suggested I try it out on my production system, and after my xubuntu setup got messed up for the Nth time due to some PPA inconsistencies, I gave it an honest try.

And I can’t say I’ve regretted it! Its a rolling-relase distro, much like Gentoo, but without the necessary hassle of re-/compiling stuff all the time. Its fast, its very flexible, not difficult at all to work with and its been a pure pleasure to work with so far. And the pacman + yaourt combo seems to work lovely for all the tools I require for work.

Only niggles:

– The new Predictable Network Names convention: WTF???!! I mean, why? Change for the sake of change is both pointless and stupid! The Linux world has survived just fine using ethX and wlanY and the if scripts for years, why change it this way, breaking pretty much every tool that DOESN’T use this convention/scheme?

NOTE: ln -s /dev/null /etc/udev/rules.d/80-net-name-slot.rules as root reverts us to the old-school ethX convention.

– The systemctl service control (part of systemd): Why, oh why did you change to this monstrosity? Where’s the KISS in that?

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